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- Precision: headlights with a crystalline design, perfect proportions, sharp edges and tapered lines

- Striking: ŠKODA's new design

- ŠKODA's new flagship will be unveiled for the world premiere on 17 February 2015 in Prague

The new ŠKODA Superb, with its emotionally charged appearance, enhances the mid-range segment with a new glow. Shortly before its world premiere in Prague (Czech Republic) on 17 February, ŠKODA is showing the first exterior details of its new flagship model, which dramatically underline the brand's uncompromisingly high design ambitions. The details presented are a testament to the extraordinary precision that has gone into the design and manufacture of this model, as well as the jealous care taken in its finish. All the elements have been created to perfection down to the last detail.

The new ŠKODA Superb impresses with its clear geometry, strikingly contoured surfaces, sculptural shapes and elegant lines from bow to stern. "Perfect workmanship down to the last detail" is the motto that has accompanied the development of the new flagship model. The result is a car that is more precise, more ambitious and more spectacular than ever before. The crystalline design of the new Superb's headlights is of unprecedented precision: their regular cut, careful finishing, use of triangular geometric shapes and three-dimensional contours give the brand its own distinctive aesthetic, strongly inspired by the hand-blown glass craftsmanship for which Bohemia is famous.

The world premiere presentation of the new Superb will take place on 17 February at the Karlín Forum in Prague in the presence of international media representatives and selected guests from the group and the company, as well as from the worlds of politics, business and civil society.

The ŠKODA Superb has been the flagship of the ŠKODA model range since 2001. To date (balance sheet as at 31 January 2015), ŠKODA has delivered more than 700,000 first and second-generation Superb models, making it one of the most popular models in the mid-range segment.