With AutoCredit(1), you pay an equal installment every month and at the end of the contract you have one last elevated payment. Thanks to this formula you have three choices at the end of the contract:

  • You can pay the last payment and keep the car.
  • You can return the car to us without any further obligations or payments.
  • Or you can switch in the car for a completely new one.

The flexibility of this formula provides many advantages. You don't have to worry about the future value of your car. We guarantee that we'll take it back at the end of the contract. So there is no risk for you. And don't forget, thanks to the elevated last payment, your monthly installments during the contract will be much lower than with a Classic Financing formula.


Classic Financing

Do you prefer to pay the same amount every month until the end of the contract? Then Classic Financing (2) is the way to go. You immediately become owner of your car and choose the duration of the contract yourself. Every month you pay the same installment and at the end of the contract the total amount is payed off.

Personal Lease

With Personal Lease, you benefit from all the same advantages as a business client. You'll always drive a new model as you rent the car for the duration of the contract instead of buying it. Additionally your contract includes a variety of  services like insurance, maintenance, taxes, etc.

(1) AutoCredit = Instalment loan with fixed inital instalments and a higher final instalment.
(2) Classic Financing = instalment loan with fixed initial instalments
(1+2) Advertiser : Volkswagen D’Ieteren Finance s.a., Leuvensesteenweg 679, 3071 Kortenberg, lender, having its registered office at Maliestraat 50, 1050 Brussels. Central register of enterprises  0841 046 715, RLP : Brussels, IBAN account: BE 97 4829 0680 3149.